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In 1902, the region of Aubel, the syrup room is still a cottage industry.

Clement Meurens, ambitious, informed of the latest advances in steaming and hydraulic presses decided to create his own modern syrup room.

The production quality is much higher than before.
Man has the business acumen, the company works.

His son, in 1922 in the syrup room, prepare and develop a successful marketing approach, will seek new blends, improve revenues, to develop, by 1937, that of the pear syrup Pays de Liège, still applied today 'hui.

Pomona and Poiret creations are signed Clement II.

In 1947, under the leadership of Clement II, Vrai Sirop de Liège ® is a registered trademark in advertising and pear orchards in bloom Aubel appear on the packaging of jars Du Vrai Sirop de Liège ®.

Today the younger generation with passion Meurens preserves what has become one of the jewels of the Belgian industry ... from a local craft

Region of Aubel



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