LièGin with the True Violet of Liège

LièGin, a pioneering brand of Gin of Liège, joins forces with the famous Violette Gicopa for a special edition - 'LiéGin to the True Violet of Liège'.

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LièGin Violette a highlight

La Violette, nickname given to the city hall of Liege in the Middle Ages, is obvious for LièGin who from its origin chose the Market Square as emblem. LièGin has the real Violet of Gicopa is a strong symbol - an illustration of a Liège know-how.

LièGin Violet flavor

Fresh, fruity gin recounting the aromas of the famous LièGin delicately perfumed with Violet.

The famous violet of Liège, the violet Gicopa, delicious and irresistible, offers a seductive fragrance with unexpected notes, greedy that surprises the taste buds combining character and love Liege.

Festive violet

For sparkling evenings, combine a neutral tonic such as the Indian, the Mediterranean, or the Pink Pepper from Schweppes and stand out by adding your color asset, the violet Gicopa, a zest of lemon for freshness and a flower For the beauty of the gesture.


Organic grain alcohol, extracts and natural aromas of plants and spices.

LièGin - Organic Gin - 40% vol - 50cl. Produced in Liège.

Angelica, Juniper Berries, Coriander, Blueberry, Blackberry, Orange Zest, Licorice, Blackcurrant Bark, Almond, Lime Zest, Violet Gicopa.