Val-Dieu Excellence alc. 12.9% Vol. 75cl

The Excellence du Val-Dieu is a very limited edition beer. Only 1000 bottles were created with the collaboration of two Cistercian abbeys: Val-Dieu and Lérins.

Constantly on the lookout for new taste experiences, our brewers have left a Val-Dieu Grand-Cru to mature in the old barrels of Lérins wine.
These will gradually release their aromas allowing our beer to grow richer over time.
After a year of development and evolution, the taste is perfect and the 2021 edition of the "Excellence du Val-Dieu" is ready to be tasted.

The 2020 edition was voted the best beer in the world in the category: flavored beer in oak barrels at the World Beer Awards.

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Origin: A Val-Dieu beer aged in oak barrels from the Abbaye De Lerins, a magnificent listed site off the bay of Cannes.

Type: Aged in oak barrels.

Aroma: Powerful aromas of malt, toast, wood, cognac, caramel and dried fruits.

Alcohol volume: 12.9%

Color: Amber tending towards brown with a fine beige head.

Taste: Flavors of wood, grape, fig, caramel, hops, spices and malt.

Foam: Fine beige foam.

Packaging: 75cl bottle.