Bière Val-Dieu de Noël 33cl

Val-Dieu Winter Ale alc. 7% Vol. 33cl

This beer has a warm amber yellow colour with a quiet sparkling and a fine white foam. Its excellent and digestive taste, partly due to the addition of well selected spices and a bit of Porto, goes well with a highly-pronounced aroma of yeast and malt. A haunting sweetness comprising fine balanced savours will complement this fabulous blend of flavours.

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Note: Available only in season

Origin: Part of the range of beers at Aubel Abbey.

Type: Natural high fermentation unfiltered and unpasteurized close to a triple.

Aroma: Strong pronounced on the yeast and its malts.

Volume of alcohol: 7% subtly dressed.

Color: Very hot yellow starry with a quiet bubbly.

Taste: Bewitching sweetness with fine, balanced flavors.

Foam: Very beautiful white foam very quickly stabilized but constant on the edges.

Glass: Ascot (small and large version)

Packaging: Bottle of 33cl.