El Matcho - Rum - 50 cl - 40% - Pack with 2 glasses

Imagine a crimson sunset, white sand caressing your feet, an emerald sea, a scantily clad full-breasted woman, flaming red drawing her lips, she politely bending down to get to your height and bringing you a rum El Matcho ...

El Matcho  is a Belgian rum

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As you will no doubt have understood, our rum can be tasted with closed eyes and promises you a journey in charming company, an exotic destination where you will be conquered by roasted and woody aromas bringing roundness and softness.

For the creation of this rum, we were careful to offer you a quality rum, worked in the old-fashioned way while surprising you with notes of matcha tea (powder). Our El Matcho is distilled by Hampden Distillery, Jamaica, which is one of the oldest distilleries in Jamaica.

The history of our Belgian rum begins with an ancestral manufacturing process in double distillation on Heavy Pot Still type stills where it ages between 2 and 3 years under gentle tropical heat. El Matcho continues its journey, in Belgium, 6 months in Lambertus whiskey barrels (French oak) and another 6 months in new roasted barrels from Pennsylvania (American oak), which gives it a subtly woody taste.

Organic Matcha tea leaves lightly perfume our Pin-Up El Matcho, thanks to a technique comparable to the Lincoln process used for American bourbons. This step gives it a slight additional bitterness at the end of the palate, without removing its roundness and sweetness.

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