LièGin is an organic gin certified by Certisys and contains more than 95% of certified organic materials.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health

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LièGin is made from neutral alcohol in which black fruits (mainly blueberries and blackberries) have been infused.

There are also the traditional angelica, coriander and juniper berry.

The rest of the ingredients are also on the bottle, we find orange zest, liquorice, blackcurrant bark, almonds and lime zest.

This Gin is distilled in Raeren at the "Radermacker" distillery, a distillery with more than 175 years of experience. Presented in a bottle "Chiara", it is dressed in a sleeve posed by a company Liège.

The sleeve is applied to the bottle after passing through a steam oven heated to 90 °.

LièGin has an aromatic power with its aromas of black and red fruits, it is very soft and will surprise your palate with a certain freshness.


Organic grain alcohol, natural extracts and aromas of plants and spices.

LieGin - Organic Gin - 43% vol - 50cl. Produced in Liège.

Angelica, Juniper Berries, Coriander, Blueberry, Blackberry, Orange Peel, Liquorice, Blackcurrant Bark, Almond, Lime Zest.

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