LièGin Cupidon - LIMITED EDITION - 50cl - 40% - Pack with 2 glasses

LièGin Cupidon has been developed according to the recipe for real cuberdons "Old-fashioned sweets".

This limited and numbered edition, only 7,300 bottles, is a new demonstration of love between two craftsmen from Liège. This very sensual gin can be tasted like a gourmet and delicious treat to share with two or not...

With its fruity flavors of raspberries and red fruits as well as a subtle note of watermelon, it brings you the sweetness and sweetness of the flowing heart of a cuberdon when you bite into it...

Pre-order, available from January 28...

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This Gin is distilled in Raeren at the "Radermacker" distillery, a distillery with more than 175 years of experience.

LieGin - gin - 40% vol - 50cl. Produced in Liège.