The deli platter is made up of fine charcuterie from Corsica, Spain or Italy, most of them coming from the Rungis market (the largest fresh market in the world with real epicureans to advise you.

Coppa Corsica, Peppermint, Lonza, Iberian Ham 8 Months - 24 Months, San Danielle Ham, Chorizo 100% Iberian, Corsican Ham, Rosette, Tartuffo, Slasufo, Abruzzese Salad ect ...

We put +/- 60g per person.
Presentation on natural slate with all the names indicated on the goods.
It takes a budget of 7.00 € per person.

We can also make you a big aperitif, it will double the whole (eg wine tasting or, for companies, receiving your customers).

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