LièGin x Millesime

This gin draws all its aromas from a nib of Madagascar pepper and cocoa beans from Guatemala vintage 2018.

A fabulous blend of flavors that gives this gin chocolate notes with a touch of freshness and acidity brought by a note of pear.

To complete the tasting experience, spruce up your gin by grating a few crunchy chocolate shavings over your glass.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health

(€90.00 L)

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This Gin is distilled in Raeren at the "Radermacker" distillery, a distillery with more than 175 years of experience. 


Water, grain alcohol *, cocoa infusion (grain alcohol *, cocoa beans *), Madagascar pepper infusion *, natural aromas of plants and spices

* raw materials of biological origin

LieGin - Organic gin - 40% vol - 50cl. Produced in Liège.

Chez Popol

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