This Gin is distilled in Raeren (Belgium) at the “Radermacker” distillery, a distillery with over 175 years of experience.


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LièGin is an organic gin certified by Certisys and contains more than 95% of certified organic materials.

LièGin, a pioneering brand of Gin of Liège, joins forces with the famous Violette Gicopa for a special edition - 'LiéGin to the True Violet of Liège'.

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LièGin Cupidon has been developed according to the recipe for real cuberdons "Old-fashioned sweets".

This limited and numbered edition, only 7,300 bottles, is a new demonstration of love between two craftsmen from Liège. This very sensual gin can be tasted like a gourmet and delicious treat to share with two or not...

With its fruity flavors of raspberries and red fruits as well as a subtle note of watermelon, it brings you the sweetness and sweetness of the flowing heart of a cuberdon when you bite into it...

Pre-order, available from January 28...

In very limited edition, only 9,000 copies.

Made from apples from the Herve plateau region, the new Pomme-cinnamon LièGin has been developed with all the expertise of the Meurens house, specializing in apple processing since 1902!

This new gin has been designed based on a distillate of apple concentrate to give it the juicy and tangy taste of orchard apple, enhanced by spicy notes brought by cinnamon.

Are you more of an “Indian summer” or more of a “Christmas market”? Never mind, this new LièGin can be enjoyed both cold and hot, depending on your wishes and the weather!

Be careful, there may not be enough for everyone!

This gin draws all its aromas from a nib of Madagascar pepper and cocoa beans from Guatemala vintage 2018.

A fabulous blend of flavors that gives this gin chocolate notes with a touch of freshness and acidity brought by a note of pear.

To complete the tasting experience, spruce up your gin by grating a few crunchy chocolate shavings over your glass.

New association certainly exotic but always 100% Liège, thanks to its association with the artisan-confectioner "Les Bonbons de Grand-Mère"

Organic gin made from blood orange.

Original recipe in which bergamot, hibiscus, coriander, angelica and cardamom have been added, a nectar to discover!

The new LièGin Summer gin, for a fresh and fruity summer!

Find the sustained fragrance and sweet taste of strawberries combined with the powerful bouquet of basil, all accompanied by a touch of mint for even more freshness. The perfect balance for this special summer organic gin and spending sunny moments!

The little extra? Les Bonbons de Grand-Mère have made THE ideal candy, in addition to being artisanal and local, to accompany and enhance the unique taste of strawberries and basil!

Wrap yourself in a plaid, a few candles, launch a chill playlist and enjoy this gourmet and ultra-cocoon moment. One thing is certain, LièGin offers you a reason not to regret summer...

For this new limited edition, LièGin continues to surprise and has chosen to combine speculoos with juniper berries, the roundness of almonds, the sweetness of vanilla and the freshness of orange blossom. Cozy Vibes is a sweet but light pleasure, for a warm and comforting moment, to share by the fireside.

For this novelty, LièGin called on the Biscuiterie Destrée. Each bottle will be accompanied by a small Destrée Speculoos pack, to make this moment even more unique!

For Valentine's Day, LièGin returns with a new love potion composed of a sublime note of rose for a sweet and romantic moment... Combined with aromas of raspberry, juniper berry, lemon and of orange zest, for a flowery and passionate taste. A limited edition (8000 copies) that will make you succumb! Exceptional packaging and customizable bottles.

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Pack with 2 glasses of Liègin, there is not a bottle left to put inside...

LièGin is an organic gin certified by Certisys and contains more than 95% of certified organic materials.