Bière Val-Dieu Triple 75cl

Val-Dieu Triple alc. 9% Vol. 75cl

It is the result of a long fermentation, scrupulously followed by the brew master, with a deep yet soft bitterness. You will recognize a naturally aromatized hop with an alcoholic after taste. This beer, often associated with refined dishes, ranks among the great beers and may be found in some of the most exclusive restaurants. Beer secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health

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Origin: Initial inspiration of a monastic recipe from the abbey of the same name, from which a blonde and a brunette have already emerged.

Type: Triple blonde abbey, unfiltered and unpasteurized brewed by a layman in the right wing of the abbey.

Aroma: Both sharp and full-bodied.

Volume of alcohol: Powerful 9%

Color: Yellow warm slightly veiled.

Taste: Full-bodied and progressive but never excessive. A slight sweet taste appears in the middle of the mouth sometimes combining alcohol, bitterness and sweetness. His conclusion punctuates a flavored and alcoholic bitterness. Excellent and very digestive, especially when combined with gastronomy.

Mousse: Beautiful white foam not too creamy because of its high alcohol content.

Glass: Chalice flared at its drinking and in its parison.

Packaging: 75cl bottle (capsulated).

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